Bäckerei Nussbaumer

Industrial Bakery Expansion


Bäckerei Nussbaumer

Project Date

13 July 2016

Project Scope

Addition - Expansion


Waldbronn, Germany


In the coming years, large-scale industrial bakeries in Germany are expecting substantial growth while 20% of small local bakeries are expected to shut down. As a result, large industrial bakeries will have to make up for this demand. This strong trend has been a contributing factor to the growth and success of many large-scale industrial bakeries over the past years. The Bäckerei Nussbaumer, a family run, large-scale bakery with over 50 locations, located right along the Black Forest in Germany, finds itself in the same scenario.

Sustainable Growth

To curb the anticipated demand while also remaining competitive, Bäckerei Nussbaumer requires a sustainable and future-proof expansion strategy. Logistics both within production as well as to and from its over 50 locations responsible for the bakery’s unparalleled rivalry in the area. The main production facility at Waldbronn, strategically lies well situated to the majority of its locations. This facility, having gone through several expansion phases in the past will have to continue to remain versatile for future upcoming expansions. Because the facility is situated with farmland to the east and a roadway to the south, further expansions will be only be possible on the north side of the building


Phase One

Warehouse | Pastry Line | Staff

The first phase of expansion will provide new much needed space for the existing production line and outfitted with the new innovative production equipment. The second floor will provide additional room for staff amenities. 


Phase Two

Pastry Line | Sandwich Line

Phase two is designed to expand pastry and sandwich production lines. This new section will offer generous space for anticipated future growth. The second floor will again provide space for staff amenities. This area will be accessible through the staff amenities area from the first expansion as well as via the mechanical room creating an open courtyard on second level. 


Phase Three


The third and final phase completes the bakery by closing in the north side of the building. An increase in overall production capacity will require higher demand for shipping space. Future additional office space can be provided, on the second level, above shipping.

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