School Improvements – Iraq



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Project Date

10 August 2023

Project Scope



Ramadi / Al Fallujah, Irak


The Governorate of Anbar in western Iraq is the country’s largest province. It is home to extensive desert areas and arable land along the Euphrates. However, Anbar has been the site of many complex crises over the last two decades.

The province is recovering only slowly. The productive and social infrastructure is still destroyed; the social cohesion of the population is compromised; and the opportunities to secure an adequate livelihood are limited – especially in agriculture. The impacts of climate change are directly tangible in Anbar through advancing desertification, water shortages and sandstorms.

Project Description

Our task was to complete comprehensive building examinations of specific schools and youth centers and follow up with a strategic plan to overhaul and repair them as necessary. Both local building codes as well as German building code had to be met. This project’s completion included a comprehensive maintenance manual, for local building operators to use a guide to ensure longevity of the structure and avoid premature deterioration.

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