Jakob Rahn

Founder | Advisor


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Jakob is a highly skilled building specialist with a wealth of experience. Coming from the Soviet Union, he and his family faced numerous challenges but were fortunate enough to find refuge in Germany. He excelled academically, graduating as a machinist and electronics technician, which paved the way for him to pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations. In Germany, Jakob’s work ethic and dedication led to rapid career advancement as he assumed managerial roles, where he played a vital part in the growth of various small to medium-sized businesses.

In 1993, Jakob moved to Canada with his family to start a new life, briefly stopping in Winnipeg before finally settling in the Okanagan.

Jakob, since then, has continued to manage and operate several successful businesses, many of them in the booming construction industry of the Okanagan. Around 2005, Jakob started working for a local construction company, supervising and managing all phases of construction, from initial site preparation works to building completion, for many large developments in Vernon, most notably a 45-unit duplex development, 4- storey multi-residential apartment building as well as new Toronto-Dominion branch. With over a decade of tangible experience in both residential and commercial construction, his peerless ability to take on any project now matter the size or complexity truly sets him apart. His unwavering independence and relentless work ethic have become the hallmark of his success in Canada. Additionally, his proficiency in foreign languages, particularly German and Russian, has enabled him to forge strong relationships within diverse communities across the Okanagan.


  • Summer Wind Estates - 45 Unit Duplex Development
  • Aberdeen Heights - 4 Storey Apartment Building
  • Toronto Dominion Branch #9886
  • Award Winning - White Spirit Lodge
  • CNRL - 600m Production Retaining Wall

Ben-Yakov is a Kelowna-based studio focused on modern minimalist design, solutions and strategies. From our inception in 2021, we have delivered exceptional quality and service to our clients.

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